Yassir Sindi

Al Faris has always strived to be innovative in bringing quality and healthy products to the table while being conscious of providing customers with value. Our mission has always been to grow organically and responsibly throughout our journey to becoming a leading and trusted household name in the Middle East.

At Al Faris, we are constantly testing new flavors and products to introduce to an evolving regional market that is undergoing fast social changes and habits. Al Faris’ products are aimed at supplying retail and wholesale customers with products that meet their discerning and demanding, quality and taste. Our ethos to continuously improve, explore, research, and create the next flavor has allowed us to continuously offer to our customers new and innovative products.

Ethics and care for our employees are part of our core values. Having a respectful working environment has allowed our management team to flourish and has helped expand the Al-Faris family by building team-orientated members. Our operations rely on the integrity of our employees, quality control, and nurturing relationships between our teams and the suppliers. Furthermore, Al-Faris prides itself for reaching out to its customer base for feedback which has resulted in a strengthening of its brand by improving consumer experience.


Al Faris Company manufactures a range of products including ketchup, natural vinegar, mayonnaise, salad dressings, hot sauce and a number of other condiments. It is the leading producer of natural vinegar in the GCC. Al Faris’ most established brand is Baidar.
Al Faris manufactures its products in Riyadh and in adherence to SASO. Al Faris is one of the rare food processing companies in the Middle East Region that utilizes the latest biotechnology to produce natural fermented vinegar


Founded and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Al Faris Company established several brands, including its best known brand “Baidar”.

Baidar was first to produce natural sugar cane vinegar, and slowly expanded the brand by developing sauces like ketchup and pizza sauce.

Baidar launched a new edition of Mayonnaise both high and low-fat varieties.

Baidar was accredited with ISO 22000-2005 certificate, becoming the first awarded producer of high quality condiments and sauces in the Middle East. Hence, aligning the brand’s recognition for production control of high quality products.

Commenced the production and distribution of steak sauce.

Expanded into the southern region and introduced Baidar stuffed vine leaves.

Introduced pomegranate molasses and lemon juice production line and began manufacturing.

Al Faris shareholders partnered with Gulf Japan Food Fund to expand company’s footprint in Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.

Baidar launched its new logo and packaging.